Monday, 3 October 2011

All good things...

Another break in transmission - and we're back.  A very long break, let's be honest. 

In brief - life got crazy, and not the thesis side of things which is ticking over very nicely thank-you.  No, I had one of my immediate family get diagnosed with cancer and close friends lost their nine day old baby to a heart problem.

Crap city. 

Family member doing nicely now - operation to remove the tumour went swimmingly.  Our friend's knew this was coming - the whole chapter was sad beyond words. 

Wise words from Job - The Lord gives, and the Lord takes away.  Blessed be the Name of the Lord.

So yes, my mind has not been on blogging.

I did write a poem for our friend's to mark the all-too-brief of their beautiful girl Phoebe.

Monday came too soon
Brought forth
When better off inside.
A fight you could not win.
Fully loved,
But only half a heart.

Better some touch
Some seeing you
Than not
But never enough.
Oh Bright sad day,
Monday came too soon.

In a couple of days we leave our life in Durham and move home to Australia.  Two years ahead of plan.  I'm still working on the doctorate but will be full-time in Australia with remote supervision.  I've submitted my literature review and thesis proposal - once they've been marked and externally examined I'll put them up here for your reading pleasure (or incase you're having trouble sleeping).