Monday, 18 October 2010

Take one, scene one, action!

Ok, um, first post.  Better make this profound...  Ahhhhhhh...  Well...  Can I start again? 

Take two.

Hi all, welcome to Theoblog!  This blog is devoted to chronicling my work and life as a doctoral student at the University of Durham, a husband and father, and whatever thoughts my feverish mind deems preserving.  I'm an ordained minister in the Anglican Church of Australia (a priest/presbyter depending on how reformed you are - I prefer the latter).  I trained at Ridley College in Melbourne, Australia; started a Master of Ministry at Ridley but finished it at St Mark's National Theological Centre in Canberra, Australia.  I'd moved from Melbourne to Canberra so finishing it at Ridley was going to be a stretch.  I also wanted to be able to identify with Canberra and Goulburn Diocese - fly the local flag as it were.  For my Master's research project I created a feedback form for Anglican preaching (for use in parishes and theology colleges) and examined the general culture around reviewing preaching in the Anglican Chuch of Australia. 

I've been a Rector in Canberra before my Bishop nominated me for a scholarship to study in the UK; my research area is: "The theology and use of the Bible in the Fresh Expressions of Church movement".  I'm hoping to finish in 2013 and then return to Canberra with knowledge that will be helpful in the Australian church and a degree that might let me teach at a theological college.

I'm an evangelical Anglican Christian with an egalitarian view of gender and ministry..  I think Jesus is the most important person who ever lived (and still does).  I try to take following him seriously; if you're a Christian too I hope you find my writing stimulating.  If you're not a Christian I hope you find my writing a pointer to investigating who Jesus is, and why he matters.  Can I start by suggesting that you read Mark's Gospel - its short, pithy, and a great way of getting to know the man.

My wife is awesome and gracious.  She's left her family and job back in Australia while I do this (how long for is hard to say - she's a medico type but the NHS doesn't recognise her qualifications).  My daughter is beautiful, delightful and very busy. 

I'm also a nerd.

I play D&D and other roleplaying games.

I'm a Games Workshop fanboy - while in England I'm trying to limit myself to Ultramarines, Orks, Skaven, High Elves, and Orcs and Goblins.

And I have a large Transformers collection back in Australia - I have too much stuff.  If anyone wants a pile of TFs (some rare) please contact me on my return to Australia.

Still reading?  Trying to figure out how this all fits together?  You're not the first.

I'm just about to start some reading for the prelimary work for the degree - reading and reviewing the practical theology of Alistair McFadyen's "Bound to Sin:  Abuse, Holocaust, and the Christian Doctrine of Sin" (Cambridge University Press, 2000).  I'll post my reflects for your interest and edification.


  1. Hi Guerin - I am looking forward to reading your blog - as long as it isn't too theological - I get enough of that at my own house :)

  2. Thanks for reminding me that you're a nerd Guerin. I'd forgotten. Bahahahahahaha!

  3. Hurray! Comments are working.

  4. Hello Guerin,

    Remember me? I found a post of yours on Adam Lowes website. My goodness it has been a long time. I see you have quite an amazing journey since uni and since I left for Canberra in 1999 myself. I would love to hear what you have been up to between then and now. Find me on facebook.

    Andrew Chung

  5. Have you given up on your blog Guerin?

  6. No - just slow - and I'm not sure anyone needed to hear my invective against British Airways. Got some stuff on gender and Fresh Expressions that I want to blog about, but I'v got something to take care of first...